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Heavy Weights

Myths and Misconceptions

PT Myths: FAQ

You do not need to be fit to have a Personal Trainer

One of the craziest things I hear is "I need to get a bit fitter first, then I'll get PT".  This makes no sense.  A Personal Trainer is the personal to help you get fit and do so in a safe, scientific and controlled manner.  Let me help you before you develop bad habits.

A Personal Training session will be too hard for me

Personal Training is exactly that - Personal.  I adapt my approaches and training techniques to suit you and your fitness levels, ensuring you continue to progress whilst having fun and staying safe.

All PTs are the same

No, no and once again no.  We are all different and offer a different experience.  All PTs have different skill-sets and specialties. As well as making sure that your PT has a wide range of skills and the ability to help you, you must get along on a personal level.  If you like your PT and can have a good chat with them between sets you're more likely to enjoy your sessions and therefore more likely to keep training.

I'll just download some plans from the internet

You could, but these plans are what I call 'Cookie Cutter' plans - a 1-size fits all approach that does not take you into account.
Using on-line plans might work in the short-term, but you need someone who can adapt your sessions and workouts day to day and week to week as well as progressing them ocver time.  An on-line program does not take into account how you're feeling on any given day - a good PT will adapt their sessions plan immediately if you're not feeling 100% either physically or mentally.

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